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CleanMeNext Product Overview


Better Together...

CleanMeNext + Cloudbeds

Powerful mobile housekeeping, maintenance management, and efficiency tools with the simplicity and ease of paper

CleanMeNext +

- How It Works


Any assignment or room status changes are immediately reflected on the relevant service staff's detailed, priority-ordered, preferred language mobile display; staff members simply tap to indicate cleaning "start" and "finish", inspection or work order completion, or to take a photo to report a repair request or an item left behind.

Designed and built with "powerful simplicity" in mind, rooms are placed into sections, and service staff is assigned sections to service and inspect... all done in moments, with just a few mouse clicks.

Integration Highlights

CleanMeNext retrieves guest reservations information, check-in-check-out status from Cloudbeds, to ensure every housekeepers' assignment lists are accurate and correctly prioritized - throughout the day.


CleanMeNext posts real-time cleaning status back to Cloudbeds myfrontdesk.


This two-way interface enables CleanMeNext to display a portable dynamic room status list for the entire staff.

So Many Features... So Easy To Use.

CleanMeNext Product Feature Overview

CleanMeNext Product Feature Overview

Why Hotels Love Using CleanMeNext

  • Lowers operating costs by improving staff efficiency

  • Improves guest satisfaction by providing timely guest communications and ensuring the readiness of clean, issue-free rooms

  • Simplifies operations by providing a single, easy-to-use platform accessible to all team members

Schedule a Demo Today!

Schedule a Demo Today!

Already a Cloudbeds Customer?

Getting Started with CleanMeNext is Easy

Step 1

Login to your Cloudbeds Account.


Step 2

Select the sprocket icon to navigate to the Cloudbeds Marketplace




Open the APPS AND INTEGRATIONS section and select Marketplace



Enter CleanMeNext in the Search Apps field then select LEARN MORE




Step 3

Select CONNECT APP to grant CleanMeNext access to your Cloudbeds account 


Step 4

Review the Application Authorization page and select APPROVE


Step 5

Complete the CleanMeNext signup and activation form


Upon completion of the above steps, CleanMeNext will create your account, which you can then sign in to. Check for an email with instructions on how to schedule training.


Questions & Answers 

I have questions about purchasing CleanMeNext for Cloudbeds. Whom do I contact?

We encourage signing up for a CleanMeNext demo above to get all your questions answered. If you have specific questions about adding CleanMeNext to your Cloudbeds account, please submit them to

Is training included?

Yes! Training is included with the purchase of CleanMeNext. Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule training.

What if I need additional support?

Though CleanMeNext is very easy to use, additional in-application help is available right when you need it.

Look for circles with an "i" in the center.  Click on these to get quick overviews of features and how to use them.   


Need more help? Check out our "Help Center" by clicking on the question mark icon at the top right of the CleanMeNext menu bar for video tutorials, an extensive FAQ section, and featured tips. Still have unanswered questions? Contact support through email, chat, or phone, all available in the "Help Center"

I'm seeing an error that our Cloudbeds account has disconnected from CleanMeNext. How do I fix this?

Occasionally, the Cloudbeds system will break connection with CleanMeNext. Follow these steps to reconnect your Cloudbeds account to CleanMeNext. First, ensure you are logged into your Cloudbeds account as an administrator. Next, in a new browser tab, using a GM role, sign in to your CleanMeNext account. In the upper right hand side of the CleanMeNext dashboard click on the menu and select Hotel Settings from the drop down menu. On the Hotel Settings page scroll to the bottom and locate the item "Status". Click on the adjacent pull down menu and select "Clouldbeds" and follow the prompts to re-authorize CleanMeNext.

How do I disconnect CleanMeNext from Cloudbeds?
‍You can disconnect CleanMeNext from your Cloudbeds account at any time. From Cloudbeds located under the MANAGE menu, in the APPS AND INTEGRATIONS section, select "Manage Apps". Under CONNECTED APPS, locate the CleanMeNext App and click on the DISCONNECT button.  Once you have disconnected CleanMeNext, information will no longer be shared between Cloudbeds and CleanMeNext. For additional support and details see the Cloudbeds Disconnect an app from myfrontdesk knowledge base article.

Our Metrics

Rooms Serviced: 1.7M+

Photos Submitted: 370K+

Work Orders Completed: 270K+ 

CleanMeNext was designed and built BY hotel operators FOR hotel operators, delivering powerful operations management features in a modern, easy-to-use interface. CleanMeNext technology is a "Software as a Service" system, employing the latest in web application design and hosted on secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

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